Extra Copies Evaluation Services

  • If requested at the time of application - $20 per copy
  • If requested after the evaluation report has been issued by GEG - $40 per copy
  • Extra copies of evaluation reports may be requested if they were issued in the last three years (from the current date). If the report was issued more than three years ago, a new application for evaluation and fee is required. It is at the sole discretion of GEG management whether a previous evaluation report may be re-issued. Applicants will NOT be charged the Extra Copy fee if a report cannot be reissued.

Please read the Apply for Evaluation section for all terms, conditions and provisions before downloading and filling out the form.

FORM DOWNLOAD - I agree to all terms, conditions and provisions stated on the GEG website.

All forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) to view.
All checks/money orders should be made out to Global Education Group, Inc.
GEG procedures and fees are effective July 2014 procedures and fees may be revised per the discretion of GEG management.

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