Advisory Opinion Evaluation Services

“I highly recommend Global Education Group for any type of evaluation or expert advisory opinion report, especially for specialty occupation H1B visa cases."
Danielle Nelisse, Immigration Attorney

The advisory opinion evaluation is provided for immigration purposes for Specialty Occupation and Level 1 Wage RFEs (Request for Evidence).

Specialty Occupation RFE: The report provides an opinion as to whether the outlined duties for a job offered by a U.S. employer require a minimum of a U.S. Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent in a specific field. The advisory opinion is in terms of a minimum educational level requirement for a certain position offered and is often used for RFEs related to specialty occupation.

Level 1 Wage RFE: The report provides an opinion as to whether a particular position is Level 1. The advisory opinion is often used for RFEs related to Level 1 Wage designation.

  • $350 - 6 to 10 Business Days
  • $450 - 4 to 5 Business Days
  • $650 - 1 to 3 Business Days
  • $1000 - Same Day (All required documents including certified English translations must be received in our office by 11:00 AM)

Please submit a letter issued by the U.S. employer indicating the name and address of the employer, job title offered and a detailed description of job duties required to perform the job. In addition a description of the nature of the employer's business must be provided and a signed GEG application indicating the type of evaluation and service you require and a check or money order for the appropriate fee.

Documents and evaluation requests may be submitted via facsimile or email to GEG. The check or money order for the evaluation should be mailed directly to GEG and a photocopy of the check or money order made out to GEG should be sent via fax or email with the documents and evaluation request. You may also contact GEG directly to set up an account.

Please read the Apply for Evaluation section for all terms, conditions and provisions before downloading and filling out the form.

FORM DOWNLOAD - I agree to all terms, conditions and provisions stated on the GEG website.

All forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) to view.
All checks/money orders should be made out to Global Education Group, Inc.
GEG procedures and fees are effective July 2014 procedures and fees may be revised per the discretion of GEG management.

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