Additional Services Evaluation Services

  • Translation Fee Estimate - Free of Charge
  • Grade Point Average Calculation - $40
  • Upper/Lower Division Course Identification - $50
  • Document Verification (Authenticity) - $200
    • Academic documents will be verified with the issuing institution for authenticity. (Please note that if verification is requested along with a document by document or course by course evaluation, the issuance of the final evaluation report may be delayed during the verification process.)
  • In-Office Appointments - $125 (30 minutes)
    • What to expect: A company representative will assist you in completing our application form, review and make photocopies of original documents and translations (if any), give a translation fee estimate where necessary, and advise you on whether we require any further information. Note that we cannot provide you with your degree equivalency during the appointment; research must be conducted and only the evaluation report will provide that information. For effective use of your time, we recommend that you bring a set of photocopies of all original documents when coming to our office. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.
  • If requested at the time of application - $20 per copy
  • If requested after the evaluation report has been issued by GEG - $40 per copy
  • Unofficial Faxed Copy - $10
  • Reports only up to 8 oz. total weight. Any additional materials for rush mailing may require an additional fee. Mailing address must be in contiguous U.S.
    • $50 - Next Day
    • $40 - Two Day

Please read the Apply for Evaluation section for all terms, conditions and provisions before downloading and filling out the form.

FORM DOWNLOAD - I agree to all terms, conditions and provisions stated on the GEG website.

All forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) to view.
All checks/money orders should be made out to Global Education Group, Inc.
GEG procedures and fees are effective July 2014 procedures and fees may be revised per the discretion of GEG management.

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